Cycle Sheet

For the safe use of Sensiplan, the user definitely needs a cycle sheet - whether as a paper printout or digitally - in which the daily observations are recorded and evaluated.

This cycle sheet is like a personal diary, which only ever reflects the individual situation of the respective user. In addition to basal body temperature, cervical mucus and, if applicable, observation of the cervix, it provides information about factors that may influence the observations and/or the cycle events. A special cycle sheet has been developed for the use of Sensiplan and has been repeatedly revised and improved. This is now available in many languages.

To give you a better understanding - especially when you start with Sensiplan - you can find a short film here, which shows you step by step how to create the cycle sheet. You can also read similar information in the workbook "Natural and Safe". If you have any questions, certified Sensiplan consultants are available to answer them.

The breastfeeding cycle sheet

For the phase after birth, when the child is breastfed, there is a special sheet from Sensiplan, the breastfeeding cycle sheet, which is used until the first ovulation after birth

Download Cycle Sheet

The Sensiplan cycle sheet is available for download in various languages you'll find below