The method Sensiplan

Intensive body perception & fertility observation

Sensiplan represents the possibility of displaying and interpreting the individual cycle with a combination of intensive body perception and fertility observation.

In this way, Sensiplan offers girls and women of all ages access to their own fertility in addition to the possibilities of family planning - avoiding or striving for pregnancy.

Cyclically occurring signs and their changes are intensively observed. These include basal body temperature, cervical mucus, cervix, individual bleeding pattern, but also additional symptoms such as mittelschmerz and breast symptoms.

For the evaluation of the cycles and the reliable determination of the fertile time, Sensiplan teaches method rules. This set of rules can be learned on one's own or taught by competent Sensiplan consultants (nationwide). In addition, an online consulting service is available for queries.

You will need: Cycle sheet, thermometer, pencil and eraser, "Natural and safe - workbook" as well as some patience and joy in self-observation.

As a rule, the application is possible from the first observation cycle and already after three cycles every woman can normally safely implement the self-observation and use it for her conception regulation.

The fast and safe use of Sensiplan works best with the support of Sensiplan consultants.

Why do women/couples come to Sensiplan?

The reasons why women and couples come to Sensiplan are manifold. The currently reignited trend towards more body competence, a more conscious use of natural resources and the motivation to take responsibility for one's own body seem to have rekindled interest in methods of natural family planning.

The decision to choose NFP with Sensiplan as a sensible alternative is certainly due to the fact that Sensiplan is suitable both for supporting the desire to have children and for avoiding pregnancy. The decisive factors are the scientifically proven high level of safety of the method in everyday life, the easy-to-understand instructions for body monitoring, the defined set of rules and the range of counseling services provided by the Arbeitsgruppe NFP.

If women or couples who have previously used hormonal contraceptive methods and now feel a certain "chemical fatigue" are looking for an alternative, they see the NFP method with Sensiplan as a good option. Furthermore, health reasons, the question of alternatives to forms of family planning used for years and the view of partnership play a role for the change that should not be underestimated.

Advantages of the NFP method with Sensiplan

  • Promotes body literacy and understanding of eproductive processes
  • An offer to avoid or seek pregnancy
  • Free from health side effects
  • Very safe if the rules are followed
  • Well tolerated
  • inexpensive
  • Can be used at any time and anywhere in every situation and phase of life
  • Can also be used directly after discontinuing hormonal contraceptives
  • Can be started at any time
  • Promotes awareness of partnership responsibility in family planning
  • Is supported by competent Sensiplan advisors
  • And: after a short time becomes routine

Disadvantages of the NFP method with Sensiplan

  • Must be learned (three cycles of learning and testing)
  • Takes both partners to the task
  • The cycle and the joint fertility set the pace
  • Stress, illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles sometimes make cycle monitoring more difficult