How do i start?

It doesn't take much to get started: a cycle sheet, a thermometer, a pencil and eraser, the workbook and the practice book Natural and Safe, and some patience and joy in self-observation. Your body will thank you!

Sensiplan is best learned by a woman and a man together and with trained Sensiplan counselors, where the woman/couple receives detailed counseling and can safely learn to use it over a period of three cycles.

For the safe use of Sensiplan, the user definitely needs a cycle sheet - whether as a paper printout or digitally - in which the daily observations are recorded and evaluated.

This cycle sheet is like a personal diary that always reflects only the individual situation of the respective user. In addition to basal body temperature, cervical mucus and, if applicable, cervical observations, it provides information on factors that may influence the observations and/or the cycle events.

In addition, to learn Sensiplan, the user needs the NFP workbook with a detailed cycle collection and associated solution cycles. The handbook "Natural and Safe" is recommended as additional literature. Here you will find all literature tips.