After hormonal contraception

NFP with Sensiplan after discontinuation of hormonal contraception

There are now also research results for the cycle behaviour after discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives, which enable women to better adjust to the physical changes.

There are a number of cycle changes that are typical for these times of hormonal change. Women frequently observe prolonged ovulation phases, shortened corpus luteum phases and also cycles without ovulation. The cervical mucus pattern is wavy especially after discontinuing hormonal contraceptives, where often in the first cycles the observed cervical mucus symptoms seem to have difficulty matching the temperature.

The great advantage for Sensiplan users is that they know in advance how their cycle will possibly behave and what significance the various events have for their fertility and the use of Sensiplan in everyday life.

Hormone-free, healthy and safe

Many women discontinue the pill after a few years, have the hormone stick removed, or have the hormone IUD removed. They do this because they fear health side effects, because they are looking for alternatives, or because they want to become pregnant.

How long it takes after stopping hormonal contraceptives for the ovaries to start working normally again cannot be predicted for the individual woman. However, on the basis of cycle observations, she can determine for herself whether and from when her cycles have returned to normal.

In about half of the women, normal cycles occur again immediately. The others observe prolonged cycles, cycles with shortened luteal phases and cycles without ovulation.

Regardless of how the cycle behaves: with appropriate guidance, every woman can safely use Sensiplan immediately after discontinuing hormonal contraceptives.

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